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ERATO November, 2019
from the ILGCN (international rainbow culture network)
Information Secretariat-Stockholm

4th Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month – 
October 2019/1st Nordic Pride
Stockholm/Rakvere --  Preparations continue for the October events for the 4th Nordic 
Rainbow History & Culture Month -- inspired by LGBT History Months in the UK, Hungary 
and other places. Some of the Nordic events this year will include the 3rd Heartfest LGBT 
Film Festival in the Estonian town of Rakvere October 4-6 -- the only such festival in the Baltic
states which are all considered part of the Nordic family. Also a LGBT poetry/music/sound 
happening in the Swedish city of Södertälje south of Stockholm at the city's Art Gallery on
October 27
In Stockholm, event will take place on October 28-29 with historic presentations, films, poetry, art, music and song.  This will also include the 1st Nordic Pride program -- with the intention of joining the list of regional, Baltic, Europe and World Prides. Organizers are ILGCN, Tupilak
(Nordic rainbow culture network)Nordic Rainbow Humanists and Bears International
Tupilak, ILGCN, Cyklop Salute UN Day vs. Discrimination 
Stockholm -- A two-day event has honored by UN-declared International Day Against 
Discrimination -- the anniversary of the Sharpville Massacre of South Africa on March 21 –
organized by Tupilak, ILGCN Information Secretariat-Stockholm, Bears InternationalNordic Rainbow Humanists and the suburban, culture house, Cyklopen.
The program included presentations, poetry, art and photography CD music Uganda!), art and  Photography from Tupilak ILGCN international art exhibition with works from over 60 
countries. Music and song was provided by Sweden's Elise Street Way.  
At the event, Elise received the 2019 ILGCN music diploma -- the "Orfeus & Zelim Bakaev" award – named after the ancient Greek musician and the missing Chechnyan singer -- believed to have been arrested and executed in the recent wave of crack downs on gays in that Russian province. This year's award is also shared with Canadian performer, Lynx Dean, and veteran British singer/song writer, Tom Robinson. 


Stockholm -- ILGCN joined Tupilak and others  a May 17 event saluting IDAHO Day and
Estonian 101 year-independence at Estonia House in the Swedish capital.

Special guest was Keio Soomelt, manager of the Heartfest LGBT Film Festival in the 
northern Estonia town of Rakvere, speaking about the LGBT scene in his country, his film
festival and his new creation -- the first LGBT choir in this Baltic nation.

Other presentations included a look at the long, Nordic LGBT co-operation with rainbow 
colleagues in Estonia -- even before independence from Soviet occupation. Art work included newcomers to the Tupilak/ILGCN art exhibition, including striking photos from Patrick McDonald of Germany.  Live music was provided by Swedish performers Peter Fröberg and Robert Hill.


Stockholm -- ILGCN members in Sweden joined Canadians, Icelanders and other around 
the world for a "skål" -- Swedish toast --  to the birthday of Finnish author and painter, Tove 
Jansson  creator of the "Mumintroll and a salute to the ILGCN-initiated International Day of Rainbow Culture on August 9.  

“The United Nations has some many days honoring events, women, the child, and even trees and animals – so we thought it was high time to honor the LGBT culture workers of today and yesterday,” says Bill Schiller of the ILGCN.  “And we decided to choose the date to honor the birthday of one of our Tupilak members, Tove Jansson – a mega star of the Nordic cultural scene whose books about the Mumintroll, his family and the strange characters in his valley are well known way beyond the Nordic region as well.”

No LGBT Films but Gay Touches at Award Ceremonies
Stockholm -- Unfortunately, none of the winners and not even any of the nominees this
year had any LGBT characters or connections -- a not unusual miss by the Guldbagge jury
and by the year's Swedish film production.

But there was a strong gay input nevertheless at the ceremonies. The winner of the best
photo category was presented by one of Sweden's most popular gay graphic artists and television personalities, Lars Lerin and his Brazilian-born man, Junior – who jokingly told the audience and the national television cameras that as a youngster, he had little time for films. Both said it must be difficult for the jury to choose a winner since they two of them have trouble deciding which tv film they should choose at home.

Another highly popular gay personality often on stage was Jan Göransson, chief at the 
Swedish Film Institute handing out the Guldbagge awards and smooth co-presenter of a
number of award presenters.

When a filmed greeting was screened from the Japanese film director of "Shoplifters"
--  winning the best foreign film award--  the Japanese director said "he was looking forward to a visit to Sweden" -- sparking a chuckle from the audience and then even from Göransson in front of  the tv camera.

Asked later why he also chuckled, Göransson said "it seemed that everybody in the
audience thought that the Japanese film director was suggesting a date with me when he
came to Sweden!  And I must have thought so, too!"

"When our Japanese friend comes to Sweden, I'll be happy to bring him to the next Tupilak event." Göransson told Erato with a smile.


The ILGCN is proud to add new members to its ambassadorial list: Jessica Jayne Martin in 
Slovakia, Victor Adeniran - Denver, Colorado USA, Marysol de Pablo and Julieta Brizzi
of the Carpusa Tango duo in Argentina (who performed in Stockholm on their tour of Europe.)


In January 2018, the Indian Prince Manvendra opens his palace for homosexuals. The royal family raged and the world press went haywire. But 9 months later, the impunity for male loveis introduced in India. No more legal pursuit, punishment or persecution.

Pakistan leaps beyond all Muslim shadows and strengthens the rights of trans people and
inter sex people. This development is unprecedented not only in Pakistani history. It is one of the most advanced laws in the world. In Europe, similar laws exist only in Denmark, Malta, Ireland, Norway and Belgium.

The next Mr. Gay World will be elected in Hong Kong, China. A transgender woman has 
competeat the Miss Universe competition.

Taiwan is the first Asian country to introduce the gay partnership. Only a few weeks later,
Thailand followed and also introduced legal partnership for same-sex couples. 


Angola Decriminalizes Same-sex Relations
The National Assembly of Angola has rejected legislation outlawing “sexual relations whicare against nature. By approving the legislation, Angolese President Joao Lourenco has 
removed his nation from the list of 69 others which continue to criminalize same-sex relations. The new law also prohibits discrimination in Angola based on sexual orientation. 
The information has come from the Sweden’s Amnesty Press has long been covering
LGBT situations around the world – both with news items and longer, feature articles.
The editor, Ulf Andersson has come to a number of ILGCN and Tupilak cultural and 
information events and has received the ILGCN award diploma for pro-LGBT journalism 
named after the Irish-born human rights researcher Roger Casement – documenting 
slavery and inhuman treatment of workers in the Amazons and Africa -- a dangerously risk-filled endeavor over a century ago.  
Working later for the liberation of his Ireland, Casement was captured by the British, 
imprisoned and executed. Efforts to avoid the death penalty were torpedoed when his 
homosexuality recorded in his diaries was widely revealed in the British press.

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Конкурс журналiсцкiх прац

“Найлепшы журналіст-
барацьбіт з дыскрымінацыяй у
Беларусі – 2019”
Ініцыятыва “Журналісты за
талерантнасць” сумесна з Культурніцкай
ЛГБТ-арганізацыяй Паўночных
краінаў ТУПІЛАК сумесна з  і сайтам
Gaypress у восьмы раз абвяшчае
прафесійны конкурс на найлепшы
журналісцкі матэрыял на
антыдыскрымінацыйную праблематыку.
Аўтары найлепшых друкаваных і iнтэрнэт-артыкулаў і/ці фота-аўдыё-відэа
рэпартажаў, якія прасоўваюць ідэю роўнасці і недыскрымінацыі ўразлівых
сацыяльных групаў у беларускім грамадстве, будуць абвешчаныя 12 снежня
2019 года.
Пераможца конкурсу атрымае ганаровы дыплом і адмысловую ўзнагароду.
Чакаецца, што конкурсныя матэрыялы павінны з’явіцца ў прэсе ў перыяд з 1
лістапада 2018 г. па 31 кастрычніка 2019 года.
Матэрыялы конкурсу маюць быць скіраваныя на разгляд журы на электронны
адрас  з паметкай «Конкурс» не пазней за 1 снежня 2019 года.
Сярод пераможцаў конкурсу мінулых гадоў – Наталля
Касцюкевіч,  TUT.BY , Улад Швядовіч,  “Наша Ніва” , Вікторыя
Біран,  Makeout

Stockholm -- The Stockholm stages of the 4th Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month - 2019 -- ended with body painting at the suburban culture center, Cyklopen, on October 22 (earlier reported) and at the city's Hjorthagen Culture center on October 28 and a private residence on October 29.
This was also part of the salute to the 1st Nordic Pride -- the aim of lifting Nordic LGBT co-operation as well as EuroPride, World Pride and Baltic Pride co-operation. This was also a salute to the 30th anniversary of Tupilak -- Nordic rainbow culture workers.
Co-organizers were the ILGCN (international rainbow culture network) Information Secretariat-Stockholm, Nordic Rainbow Humanists and Bears International.
Presentations, Music, Song, Art, Films

The Hjorthagen event included presentations from Swedish journalist, Anna-Maria Sörberg -- focusing on how right-wing movements in Europe have been eager to attract LGBT people in anti-democratic efforts; Jonas Naddebo -- openly gay Stockholm's culture commissioner -- who expressed support for the idea of a LGBT monument in the Swedish capital; the president of the Norwegian Bamse Bears organization talking about work with Russian, Ukrainian and Polish colleagues, Carl-Johan Kleberg of the Nordic Rainbow Humanists, discussing religious organizations persecution of LGBT rights, and Sweden's Anna Rosén and Katrin Forsmo -- describing their musical performance in the Nazi death camp years ago as part of the first official LGBT delegation to the camp.

Music, Song, Films, Art

Other performances included Swedish singers and song writers Elise Streetway, Jan Hammarlund, and Peter Fröberg.
Films screened included Willi Reichhold's "Tourist Dollar" -- describing discrimination and oppression in countries eager to attract tourists with tv advertisement on the BBC and CNN world services.
Art and photography displayed included works from all the Nordic nations and territories and several guest contributors from Belarus, USA. U.K., Germany, etc. to the Tupilak/ILGCN international art and photography exhibition.

An Ancient Celtic Award Named after the Devil

Diplomas handed out during the event included the Nordic Rainbow Humanist "Cernunnos" award to Sweden's Carl-Johan Kleberg -- for long support of LGBT rights and identity and named after the ancient Celtic god of wildlife, fertility and sexuality -- often depicted naked in the forest with a large erection and labeled "the devil" by the early, pious Christians.
The 2019 Cernunnos is shared with Norwegian humanist, Rolf Solheim for his year's long work with LGBT groups at home, in the Nordic neighbors of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and in Eastern Europe.
Also, Tupilak's "Bifrost" award entreated to John Earhart for his next visit Kiev to hand over to the Norwegian Embassy there for its support of LGBT Prides all over the Ukraine.
"Bifrost" is the old Norse name for the rainbow bridge linking the worlds of the gods to the people on Earth. Tupilak's Bifrost honors hetero and LGBT co-operation.
The October 29 follow up event included LGBT discussions and poetry, including from Tupilak poet, Tommy Åberg.
Other events planned to honor Tupilak's 30th year anniversary include a music cabaret with some who have performed for Tupilak over the years and a "Focus on the Image" -- a salute to Tupilak's art, photography and film.
"We hope more Nordic cities and towns join us next year for the 5th Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month - October 2020 and the 2nd Nordic Pride," says Bill Schiller of the ILGCN and Tupilak, Nordic Rainbow Humanists and Bears International.

Photos by Alaa Haziem: Anna-Maria Sörberg speaking to the audience, Anna Rosén and Kartrin Forsmo, Carl-Johan Kleberg speaking to the audience, John Earhart, Jonas Naddebo addressing the audience, Peter Fröberg, Bill Schiller ready to hand over a diploma.

Other photos: Elise Streetway, Jan Hammarlund, Viking-age same-sex golden emblems.

Anna-Maria Sörberg speaking to the audience. Photo by Alaa Haziem.

Elise Streetway

Jan Hammarlund

Bill Schiller ready to hand over a diploma. Photo: Alaa Haziem.

Carl-Johan Kleberg speaking to the audience. Photo by Alaa Haziem.

John Earhart. Photo by Alaa Haziem.

Peter Fröberg. Photo by Alaa Haziem.

Anna Rosén and Kartrin Forsmo. Photo by Alaa Haziem.

Jonas Naddebo addressing the audience. Photo by Alaa Haziem.
Viking-age same-sex golden emblems

Friday, September 13, 2019

The Stockholm stage of the
including the 1st NORDIC PRIDE - October, 2019:

October 28 -- Hjorthagen Kulturhus. Artemisgatan 19
(T-ban Ropsten) Stockholm (17.00-22.00)

October 29 -- Fröberg's. Götgatan 30 (T-ban Slussen) Stockholm - including the 1st Nordic Pride! (17.00-22.00) (limited space! Registration recommended!)

Rainbow Journalism -- Anna Maria Sörberg (Sweden)

"A humanist life-stance for non-religous rainbow people ? Some recent happenings" -- Rolf Solheim (Norway), Carl-Johan Kleberg (Sweden) (Rainbow Humanist "Cernunnos" awards)

Jonas Naddebo - Stockholm city culture commissioner

Tupilak/ILGCN rainbow salute to Estonia -- part of the Nordic family "From Soviet days to Today"

Tupilak - 30 year anniversary -- Sarah Florén (Sweden), Tupilak chair
Nazi persecution of Gays -- texts of ILGCN´s Colin de la Motte-Sherman, "Teresienstadt" - song by Jan Hammarlund
Anna Rosén & Katrin Forsmo -- comments on music in Auschwitz

John Earhart (Norway)-- Bears on the international rainbow barricades: Poland, Ukraine, Russia, etc.

Oscar von Seth (Sweden) -- research into the life and writing of German author, Herman Hesse.

Words of Tove Jansson -- (Finland/Sweden) - from Mumintroll to the island of lonliness

Nordic Rainbow Cultural Co-operation with Belarus -- last dictatorship in Eastern Europe -- Belarus LGBT refugees in Sweden

Nordic Rainbow Pioneers: Known and Unknown -- Bill Schiller, ILGCN

Rainbow Cultural Input from Refugees & Immigrants -- from Syria, Iran, Uganda, etc

Elise Street Way, Sweden
Jan Hammarlund, Sweden
Peter Fröberg, Sweden


From all Nordic nations and beyond (Tupilak & ILGCN collection from over 60 nations).


"Franz & Lars" - Sweden (last-century love affair)
"LGBT Monuments" (by Willi Reichhold)
"I Let Her Out" -- Estonian/Latvian"
"Unchechen" - U.K.
"If I Could Tell" -- (elderly LGBT's in Finland) -- SETA
.....arranged by Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural organization in this its 30th anniversary year!),
ILGCN (international rainbow cultural network) Information Secretariat-Stockholm, Nordic Rainbow
Humanists and Bears International.

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Tupilak members and supporters! 

2019 begins with programs on March 9 in Södertälje (see program below!) and on March 21 in Stockholm -- honoring the United Nations International Day against Discrimination (details coming!)

Time to renew your annual Tupilak membership (100 kronor).  Post giro 498 37 67-7

Your support is needed to carry out our LGBT rainbow cultural solidarity projecs in the Nordic region and beyond!


OUTing the Past:
The International Festival of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans History
 March 9, 2019, Södertälje konsthall, Södertälje

 Södertälje konsthall in collaboration with TUPILAK is very happy to host OUTing the Past: The International Festival of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans History 2019, as a hub part of the coming celebrations!

Södertälje konsthall is a municipality run art gallery in the Swedish city of Södertälje, an industrial city with 70.000 inhabitants very well known in Sweden for being the home of truck maker Scania AB. About 39 % of the inhabitants in the city have foreign background, which makes the city a place with connections to people all over the world.

OUTing the past will take place the 9th of March 2019, in between 11:00 and 15:00 at Södertälje konsthall, Lunagallerian, Södertälje.

For more info please contact Sarah Guarino Florén at:

  • 11:00 Opening of the festival. Welcome speech by Bill Schiller, activist, journalist and former chairman of Tupilak, and Sarah Guarino Florén, curator/pedagogue at Södertälje konsthall and chairwoman of Tupilak (Swedish/English)

  • 11:30 Lecture by Elfrida Bergman about Myths and Realities – A Lesbian Odyssey (Swedish)
  • 12:30 Inauguration of the exhibition Queering Sápmi with Elfrida Bergman
  • 13:00 Lecture by Urszula (Ula) Chowaniec, Ph.D about Queer/Women in East and Central European Cinema (English)
  • 14:00 “How to work with LGBTQ-issues and culture outside the big cities” - Panel discussion in between invited speakers and representatives from the local LGBTQ-association RFSL Södertälje.
 Myths and Realities – A Lesbian Odyssey
  -- a project that makes visible and explores lesbian (♥) past and present in Norrland. 

This project investigates the boundaries between fact and fiction, myth and reality of the formational stories that underlie lesbian and queer identities and experiences. An ambulating lesbian museum designed and crafted by MYCKET in collaboration with MADAM snickeri has been touring the roads since March 2018 to spread, collect, and celebrate the lesbian and queer community with as many people as possible! Follow the project here.

Sara Lindquist and Elfrida Bergman lead the project. MYCKET creates the visual and spatial form. The association Lesbisk maktLesbian Power, runs the project with funding from Postdkodslotteriets kulturstiftelse, The Swedish Postcode Foundation.

(♥) Lesbian refers in this project to everyone who identifies as a lesbian, who has ever had a lesbian experience, who hopes to do something lesbian in the future, or who at some point in their lives related to lesbianism in some way. All genders and gender identities are welcome.

Queering Sápmi - Indigenous stories beyond the norm
Exhibition by Elfrida Bergman and Sara Lindquist

Specific & Universal  - an invitation to a context where gender and sexuality is debated, looked at and thought about. The participants of the project share their thoughts about specific circumstances that have been important to them. When doing so they also hold up a mirror for us to look at our own life, choices we’ve made and how utterly vulnerable we all are to the outside world.

 Queer/Women in East and Central European Cinema

The talk aims at presenting the most crucial gender, queer and feminist issues in contemporary Eastern and Central Europe. Main areas of investigation are the selected films that discussed in the contexts of various LGBTQ political, social, and cultural issues from 1980s to the present. The emphasis is given to Eastern Europe after 1989 with the references to the 20th-century past. Among the films are: Egymasra nezve/ Another Way by Karoly Makk (1982); Nadzór/ Control by Wiesław Saniewski (1985). Fine mrtve djevojke / Fine Dead Girls (Croatia, 2002) by Dalibor Matanic. Diˇsi duboko/ Take a Deep Breath by Dragan Marinković (Serbia, 2004), and others.

Urszula (Ula) Chowaniec, Ph.D. is Professor (dr hab.) at the Andrzej Frycz-Modrzewski Cracow Academy in Poland and the Research Fellow at University College London. Currently, during her research leave, she resides in Stockholm. She is an author of a monograph Melancholic Migrating Bodies in Contemporary Women’s Writing (2015) and W poszukiwaniu Kobiety: O wczesnych powieściach Ireny Krzywickiej (In Search for a Woman: Early Novels of Irena Krzywicka, Kraków 2007). She also edited and contributed to Women’s Voices and Feminism in Polish Cultural Memory(2012), Mapping Experience on Polish and Russian Women’s Writing (2010), Masquerade and Femininity. Essays on Polish and Russian Women Writers (2008). Her current research concentrate on women emancipation movement from the non-heterosexual perspectives, mainly concentrating on the movement in Eastern Europe, but also generally on the dialogues between women’s movement and lesbian emancipation as well as the connection between the development of the feminist language and the language of non-heteronormative sexualities.

She teaches among other course: Cotemporary Polish Women’s Writing; Gender and Body Politics in Literature and Film (Eastern-European Perspectives); Eastern Europe Through the Literary Nobel Prize Winners.

Most recent project:


RFSL Södertälje:
photo by Sara Lindquist

Sami line-up Queering Sampi.jpg