Saturday, June 16, 2018


This year's Bears International Art Diplomas honour Bear artists in Russia, Spain and Australia:

This year's award diplomas go to photographer/Bear activist Vladimir Bob Lysenko of Moscow, Russia, Venezuelan-born artist, Juan Antino, resident of Madrid, Spain and Albert Koomen ("Bear in the Bedroom" film) of Melbourne, Australia. 

The winners are invited to submit a photo/sketch/film poster of their work for the growing "travelling" international exhibition of Bears International award winners over the years. (previous award winners are from France, Spain, U.K., Canada).

The exhibition is available for Bear events wishing to add a focus on award-winning Bear art
and photography at their events.

Alas, the diplomas include no monetary renummeration but are awarded with golden appreciation for work well done and for the confirmation that Bears are indeed important contributors to LGBT culture. The diiplomas are also not sent in the snail-mail but are to be handed out in pe
rson at some appropriate time and place.)


Bears International plans on joining August 9 -12, 2018 events in Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm, etc. to mark the 1st International Day of Rainbow Culture.

The 9th is the birthday of Finnish/Swedish author/painter and former Tupilak (Nordic rainbow culture workers) member, Tove Jansson. More information coming.

Bears International plans on joining events in the Nordic area for the 3rd Nordic Rainbow Culture & History Month -- October, 2018. More information coming.

Bears International supports the creation of Tupilak/ILGCN rainbow culture pods. Now in preparation.