Rainbow Iceberg -- for outstanding international achievements -- illustrating the enormous amount of unseen work behind such projects, and the great, future potential often unseen at the moment.

Grizzly Bear -- for pioneering efforts for homo culture and solidarity in the face of exceptionally ferocious homophobia.

Orfeo Iris -- for exceptional contributions to focus on the ’hidden holocaust’ – the situation of gays and lesbians in the Nazi death camps and neo-nazi persecution of homosexuals.

Ofeo Musica -- for pioneering achievements using ’rainbow’ music to calm the beasts and demons of homophobia and to help build bridges between worlds.

Sappho in Paradise -- for pioneering libraries, publishing houses and other efforts to promote homo poetry, literature & drama across borders. (Presented with Paradise Press-London.)

Imago Iris -- outstanding achievements in the world of art and photography, helping stretch the rainbow over international borders.

Clio’s Silver Cup -- for outstanding achievements in documenting and spreading information about lesbian and gay history.

Arco Nordica -- to Nordic organizations highlighting homo culture and international co-operation.