Monday, January 30, 2017


Coming events:

Maspalomas, Spain:  March 9-10 -- Bears International's "Bears on the Barricades/Bear Culture" 
                                   (prior to Maspalomas Bear Carnival)

Kiev:  May 9-13 -- Bears International at Ukrainian Bears celebrations (Eurovision Song Festival)

Ukrainian Bears in Kiev

Stockholm:  May 17 -- Bears International at IDAHO DAY salute

Budapest:  July 3-5 -- Bears International at ILGCN International Rainbow Culture Conference 
                                 (sidelines of Budapest Pride July 3-12)

Tallinn:  July 6-9 -- Bears International at Baltic Pride-Tallinn

​Tallinn:  April 21-23 --  Tallinn Bearty 2017 - Bear music & culture 

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Bill Schiller, international secretary

Bear award in Maspalomas: ​Bill Schiller, BI international secretary (left),
award winner Lobo (center) of Bear Carnival - Maspalomas, Peter F., Sweden  


BEARS INTERNATIONAL -- a network promoting Bear visibilityinternational LGBT solidarity & culture 
                                          (art, photography, music, films, poetry, literature)

                                  Open to all rainbow Bears -- including Ursula and other female Bears,
                                      trans Bears, refugee/immigrant Bears and bi-sexual Bears.

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