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ERATO-- publication of the ILGCN Information Secretariat - Stockholm  
March-April 2012

Alice Tsymarevich - Estonia

Visby: 1st Nordic LGBT Monument (Photo by Willi Reichhold)   

Stockholm May 2-6 Salute to Eastern European Colleagues                                          
2nd NORDIC FIRE on  Rainbow Barricades 

     Stockholm – A second Nordic rainbow mini-festival between Stockholm Prides will take place in the Swedish capital May 2-6, 2012 – this time highlighting Swedish and other Nordic co-operation with colleagues in Estonia just across the Baltic Sea, Latvia organizing the 4th Baltic Pride at the end of May, Poland making progress on the LGBT front, Belarus facing harsher conditions under the toughening dictatorship and Russia with new legislation banning positive information on LGBT rights and culture.   (see

    "We will hear from visiting colleagues from the target nations and from parliamentarians,  journalists, experts and human rights people in Sweden working with international solidarity,” says Bill Schiller of Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers) and the ILGCN Information Secretariat in Stockholm.   “The aim is to see how we can increase co-operation, expand this over barriers, and learn from the courageous and inspiring human rights struggle of our colleagues in the east.”

    Another aim is to see how rainbow culture— through  art, photos, music, films and performance – support the LGBT battle for visibility and international co-operation – especially in the face of growing hostility, censorship and violence
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May 17 IDAHO Day Event in Stockholm

Stockholm The ILGCN Information Secretariat and the Copenhagen-based Q-Factor are arranging an afternoon ceremony at the gay bar Side Track to join colleagues all over the world marking May 17 as the International Day Against Homophobia.  The theme for this year’s global happening is discrimination of LGBT people at the work place.
Description: NORDIC LGBT WORKPLACE FORUM &  CAREER FAIR -- Stockholm Mässan -- 2-3 August, 2012

   Stockholm -- The August 2-3 meeting in the Swedish capital  -- the first Nordic conference and career fair – taking place at the Stockholm Mässan will put the spotlight on strategies and tools that companies can use to take advantage of the strengths in having a diverse workplace, where lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transpersons are also free to be themselves. (see press release in the Tupilak and ILGCN websites!) 

The Tupilak & ILGCN International Travelling Rainbow Art & Photo Exhibition – concentrating this time on Nordic artists and foreign-born artists living in the Nordic zone --  will be at the event.

New ILGCN Art & Photo Secretariat in Poznan 

    Poznan – Polish Professor Pawel Leskowicz is the new secretary general of the ILGCN’s new Secretariats for the Arts

   Based in this Polish city, Pawel has curated a number of LGBT exhibitions in Poland, written a number of books about LGBT art and photography in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe and beyond, and captured international headlines with his highly praised “Ars Homo Erotica” exhibition at Poland's National Art Museum in Warsaw on the sidelines of Europride in the Polish  capital.                                                                Pawel Leskowicz

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ILGCN Annual Awards:

Rainbow Iceberg (international work)
Sappho in Paradise (libraries, publishing)
Orfeo Iris (research in Nazi & neo Nazi persecution) 
Grizzly Bear (work in ferocious situations)
Orfeo Musica (international co-operation) Arco Nordica (Nordic co-operation)
Orfeo Imago ( art & photos)
Clio’s Silver Cup (LGBT history)

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