Monday, August 28, 2017


  Berlin -- British-born, German-resident teacher, journalist, LGBT activist and co-founder of the ILGCN, Colin de la Motte-Sherman, has died after a long illness and major surgery in a Berlin hospital at the ago of 79.

        He worked for decades a pioneer with LGBT culture and human rights -- especially with the German branch of Amnesty International -- and delivered seminars on LGBT history, art, music and research into the Nazi and neo nazi persecution of LGBT people in a number of countries outside of Germany -- including Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Croatia and elsewhere. 

    Colin was one of the founders of the ILGCN at an ILGA (International Lesbian & Gay Association) world conference in Paris in 1992 -- a time when the international organization rejected the idea of LGBT culture as an important part of the struggle for rainbow rights and identity.  He was the editor/publisher of the ILGCN's publication, "Erato" for many years before it became a web publication based in Stockholm.

     HIs last visit to Sweden with his seminars took place last year at the Stockholm stage of the 1st Nordic Rainbow History & Art Month - October, 2016.

  A memorial ceremony will take place in Berlin on September, 16.  More information in the next "Erato."

Monday, August 7, 2017


Of the works of the winners of the Bears International Art Diplomas (2016/2017)

  • Mike Wyeld and Charlie Hunter, Canada/UK;
  • Luke Darko, France;
  • Luis Loras, Spain;
  • Christophe Jannine-Powelle,
  • France/New Zealand
Wednesday, September 6, 2017: (19.00)
  • SLM Locale (Wollmar Yxkulls gatan 18 T-ban Mariatorget)
  • Bears International Travelling Art Exhibit
  • Film – art, career, interview with Tom of Finland 
Thursday, September 7, 2017: (times, locales to be confirmed)
  • Bears International Travelling Art Exhibit 
  • Bears Poetry -- Tupilak 
  • CD music of "Daddy and the Muscle Academy" -- Finland
  • Bear oral and written presentations: 
  • "Bear Art in the Making" -- report from Charlie Hunter, Canada/UK 
  • "Icelandic Bears -- report from Frosti Jonsson, Bears-on-Ice
  • "Why Do We Need Bears on the Barricades...?" -- Bill Schiller, Bears International 
  • "Bears Surviving in a Dictatorship" -- report from Lokys-Bears of Belarus
  • "Co-operation with Bears in Eastern Europe" -- report from John Earhart, Bamse-Norway
  • "Bear Culture – pioneers in Estonia -- report from Alvar  Ameljushenko, Bearty-Tallinn
  • "Bears in the East" -- report from Ukrainian Bears, (Eastern partner with Bears International) 
  • “The Magic and Power of Leather” – Jan Kopriwa, Läderverkstad, Stockholm 
  • Bear video clips: "Bears on Ice" -- Reykjavik, “Bearserk"—Copenhagen, "Land of the Midnight Fun" -- Helsinki 
Supported by Tupilak (Nordic rainbow culture workers),
Nordic Rainbow Network, Viking Bears-Sweden 

Drawing by Luis Loras

​Photo of Touko Laasksonen
(Tom of Finland)