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Oslo -- This stage of the 3rd Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month - October "plus" - 2018 in the Norwegian capital has been completed with discussions, art and photography and the film screening of the ILGCN (international rainbow culture network) /Tupilak (Nordic rainbow culture workers) film, "LGBT Monuments."

This was the 2nd Norwegian event of the Month -- including the October 15 "queer training of museum personnel" at the LGBT (Skeivtarkiv) Archives in Bergen.

The Olso stage was scheduled to co-ordinate with the dates of the rotating Nordic Council session, and included participation with Nordic parliamentarians and officials.

From the Nordic Council session came Nordic parliamentarians Lorena Delgado Varas (Swedish's Left Party) and  Christian Juhl (Danish Greens), Finland's Mia Haglund secretary general of the Nordic Green Left and a Finnish member of the Nordic Council's Youth Council

Lorena Delgado, Sweden 
"We skipped lunch with the Norwegian king to meet with LGBT organizations for interesting discussions on how the rights of LGBT people are consistently violated, " says Lorena Delgado.  "We learned also how the Franco regime in Spain set up a concentration camp for gays on the island of Fuerteventura -- starving and beating inmates, destroying lives."  

(The Feurteventua camp at Tefía was established 10 years after Auschwitz, Poland was liberated, closed after 10 years and forgotten for decades.)

LGBT Monument to Promote Permanent Visibility

After seeing the film "LGBT Monuments" by Sweden's Willi Reichhold portraying monuments both in Nazi concentration camps and elsewhere all over the world,  saluting LGBT people persecuted, imprisoned and executed over the centuries, the seminar participants called for the establishment of such monuments also in the Nordic region.  

"Although Pride parades may disappear from the streets each year, they remain in our thoughts.  But we also need a permanent place to honor LGBT people, " said Christian Juhl.  "In our town in Denmark, there used to be only a monument of the factory boss at a paper mill.  But we have made sure that there is now also a monument of the workers!  We must do the same for LGBT people for permanent visibility."

Ingvild Endestad
John Earhart, head of the Bamse Norwegian Bears, emphasized the importance of Bears in the LGBT to challenge the stereotrypes --  even within the LGBT community -- on what a gay person should look like and what he should wear.  "It's even more important now with such a LGBT monument with the increasing presence of neo-Nazi homophobes in Norway, Sweden and elsewhere!" Earhart says.  

"We are once again at this Nordic Council session taking up questions of discrimination of LGBT people in the Nordic area, and want very much to continue this dialogue with LGBT organizations to work together to strengthen LGBT rights and identity," says Mia Häglund, who helped very much to make this meeting possible despite the heavy schedule of the Nordic Council

"This meeting here at the FRI offices was especially welcome because the theme of the next Olso Pride will be "LGBT History." said  Ingvild Endestad, head of the Norweigan national LGBT organization, FRI.  "We are also very much trying to promoted Nordic co-operation between the LGBT organizations in this region."

Christian Juhl, Denmark
"We are very pleased to have Norway join the Nordic Month this year -- an event inspired by other rainbow history months in U.K. Hungary and elsewhere --  and to have members of the Nordic Council parliament join us to discuss the steps these parliamentarians are taking to eliminate remaining legislative discrimination of LGBT people in the Nordic zone and to work for increasing support for Nordic LGBT exchange and culture with colleagues in neighboring Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere," says Bill Schiller of the ILGCN Information Secretariat-Stockholm.
Humanist Award Diploma to Budapest, London
During other discussions in Oslo, the Nordic Rainbow Humanists announced the winners of this year's Nordic Rainbow Humanist diploma is to be shared by the International Federation of Resistance Fighters – Association of Anti-Fascists based in Budapest and the Kenilworth-based  LGBT charity, Pink Triangle Trust

The Olso event ended with a visit to the Kunstplass Gallery -- which proudly flies the street-side rainbow flag close to the City Hall -- to see the photography exhibit of Ahmed Umar of Sudan, now a resident of Norway, with large photos and quotation texts of LGBT actvists in Sudan, "criminals" in their home country -- their faces protected from the camera lens by photos of Ahmed himself.

Extending the "October scope" of the Nordic Month this year, rainbow history events organized by the national LGBT organization SETA in Finland are extended for an entire month from October 20 to November 20.  Vilnius has postponed its annual event to mid-November and Riga is postponing its events until February.

The Month started for the third time in a row in the northern Swedish city of Umeå, moved on to the Estonian cities of Tallinn and Rakvere -- with the nation's 2nd LGBT film festival, then to Södertälje close to the Swedish capital  -- with its first-ever LGBT film festival -- and then Stockholm itself - including the 2nd Bears International Culture Festival..

More information:  facebooks   ILGCN website:
Viking-age same-sex golden emblems

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  Stockholm --  Presentations, performances, music, song, art, photography and film screenings were part of the 5 days -- October 15-18 and 23  -- of the Stockholm stage of  3rd Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month - October, 2018 going through Nordic cities and towns on both sides of the Baltic Sea.

   At the presentations, Australian  Ambassador  Jonathon Kenna described the advances of LGBT rights in his country, including the recent referendum and law reform legalizing same-sex marriages. He also commented on Australia's decisions to grant asylum to LGBT people persecuted in their home countries because of their sexual orientation.

   The Canadian Embassy's political counselor, Eric Petersson, spoke about the LGBT struggle in his country and presented a detailed written report of the history of LGBT culture workers -- both native Canadians and immigrants -- in the fields of art, sculpture, music, literature and film making -- adding that "queer artists have played an integral role in the movement for LGBT rights in Canada and continue to challenge not only homophobia but also colonialism, rascism and sexism." 

    Veteran Austrian activist Kurt Krickler related Austria's slow, years-long process for each stage of progress in LGBT history. He also described Austria's historic, pioneering co-operation with Eastern Europe helping bring these newly-established LGBT groups into the international forum.

     Sidnimax,  a gay refugee from Belarus, commented on the increasinly tough homophobic regime in this the last dictatorhip of Eastern Europe  while Sweden's Anna-Maria Sörberg, author/journalist commenting on the role of LGBT journalism and the fears that nationalism and populism could use the LGBT movement for undemocratic gains.

     Swedish gay policeman Göran Stanton described the history of the Swedish Gay Police -- which he founded -- and international contacts with police in other countries, plus his continuing work on hate crimes. He added that his next gay police conference will be in Vilnius this November with Lithuanian policemen.

    Fecundo Ortiz of the Argentine Embassy spoke about the progress made in the LGBT struggle in his country, including the success of achieving Argentina's  same-sex marriage law -- which he described as being the "most liberal and inclusive in the world."

   Victor Adeniran, artist/dancer and new ILGCN cultural ambassador from Colorado, USA, commented on his colorful art work often including black Americans and native Americans as well as his support for the ILGCN.  He also participated in the Stockholm session's LGBT art exhibit at the Gallery Mellanrum in a near-by Stockholm suburb.

      John Earhart, head of the Bamses Norweign Bears, commented on the growing importance and visibility of Bear culture and co-operation and exchange with Russia and Ukraine -- part of the 2nd Bears International 4-day Festival included in the 3rd Nordic Month -- and concentrating on Bear culture and co-operation with Eastern Europe.  Written Bear messages of Bear solidarity  from MoscowMinsk,Tallinn and Kiev were read aloud.

                                                  Invitation from Budapest

    The ILGCN co-secretariat for Eastern Europe in Budapest also sent greetings to the Stockholm stage, emphasizing that the homophobic and anti-immigrant regime in Hungary is increasing its threats against human rights and the LGBT community.  They added that they hope that future ILGCN and Bear cultural festivals will soon come to Budapest.

     Another message of support came from Eddy Kalyanga, ILGCN's "Uganda ambassador in exile" living in northern Sweden but still working with  political support and handicraft cultural fundraising for his organizaation, RADO (Rainbow and Diversity Organistion Uganda).  He also aimed sharp criticism at Swedish and other embassies abroad refusing to grant visas to Ugandan LGBT activists and culture workers to come to such events at the 3rd Nordic Month.

   Rolf Solheim, Norwegian LGBT activist and veteran of the Norwegian Humanists described his nation's history and progress in the LGBT struggle and the pioneering support of the international Humanist movement for LGBT rights around the world. 

   Ulf Andersson, editor in chief of Amnesty Press - Sweden, described the LGBT situation in many countries such as the worsening situation in some parts of Africa and the former Soviet Union and the recent success of India's supreme court finally ripping up the colonial, British-instituted ban on homosexuality.  He also reiterated his determination to continue to give ample coverage of LGBT issues in his publication.

    Songs and music were provided by Sweden's Elise JohanssonPeter "Xeller8" FröbergJan Hammarlund. Poetry of Tommy Åberg, Sweden and, international LGBT poetry from Iran, Greece, Finland, France, China, Spain, USA and the U.K..
Art and photography was displayed from the ILGCN/Tupilak international exhibition with works from over 50 countries.

   Films screened included  "LGBT Monuments" by Swedish/Austrian Willi Reichhold who has been adding new photos of the growing number of such monuments around the world,"  "Narcissus" -- a ballet film by award-winning, gay Canadian director, Normal Mclaren and "Frans & Hans" with music and song by Jan Hammarlund and actor Robert Fux and drawings by Bitte Andersson about two Swedish gay lovers of the turn of last century, imprisoned for their homosexuality.

     Retired Swedish journalist Hans Nordh emphasized the importance of weekly social get-togethers for elderly Swedish gays.   Swedish travel agent Henrik Husgafvel described the strong relationships between LGBT sports and culture -- especially at international LGBT events such as the Gay Games. 

    Bill Schiller of the ILGCN Information Secretariat - Stockholm asked why the Nordic region has no approved LGBT monuments except for the ILGCN/Tupilak "peoples´monument" made out of stones on the Swedish Baltic island of Gotland.  He also spoke of the power of LGBT history and culture vs. homophobia, silence and invisibility.
  The 3rd Nordic Month started for the third time in Umeå in the far north of Sweden, continuing to Tallinn and Rakvere in Estonia, Södertälje in Sweden and Bergen in Norway.   After Stockholm, the 3rd Nordic Month continues to Helsinki (October 15-November 15) , Espo and Turku, and Oslo on October 30.  Vilnius will be in November, and Riga in February, 2019.
More information from the ILGCN Information  Secretariat   (face book,

Photos:    Festheart film festival organizers in Estonia.  Victor Adeniran at Gallery Mellanrum, Stockholm

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“Найлепшы журналіст-барацьбіт з
дыскрымінацыяй у Беларусі – 2018”
Культурніцкая ЛГБТ-арганізацыя Паўночных краінаў ТУПІЛАК сумесна з
ініцыятывай “Журналісты за талерантнасць” і сайтам Gaypress у сёмы раз абвяшчае прафесійны
конкурс на найлепшы журналісцкі матэрыял на антыдыскрымінацыйную праблематыку.
Аўтары найлепшых друкаваных і iнтэрнэт-артыкулаў і/ці фота-аўдыё-відэа рэпартажаў,
якія прасоўваюць ідэю роўнасці і недыскрымінацыі ўразлівых сацыяльных групаў у
беларускім грамадстве, будуць абвешчаныя ў Міжнародны дзень правоў чалавека — 10
снежня 2018 года.
Пераможца конкурсу атрымае адмысловую ўзнагароду, а таксама будзе мець магчымасць
наведаць ЛГБТ-арганізацыі ў адной з краінаў Скандынавіі з мэтай падрыхтоўкі
тэматычных публікацыяў на працягу 2019 года.
Чакаецца, што конкурсныя матэрыялы павінны з’явіцца ў прэсе ў перыяд з 1 лістапада
2017 г. па 31 кастрычніка 2018 года.
Матэрыялы конкурсу маюць быць скіраваныя на разгляд журы на электронны
адрас з паметкай «Конкурс» не пазней за 30 лістапада 2018 года.
Сярод пераможцаў конкурсу мінулых гадоў – Наталля Касцюкевіч, TUT.BY , Улад
Швядовіч, “Наша Ніва” , Вікторыя Біран, Makeout


    Stockholm -- The 2nd Bears International Culture Festival has ended after four days  -- October 15-18, 2018 -- as part of the ongoing 3rd Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month - October, 2018.

      The themes included the importance of Bears on the rainbow barricades, co-operation with collleagues in Eastern  Europe, Bear culture in art, photography, poetry, films and music and future plans for Bear activities both in the Nordic zone and beyond. 

    The highlight of the Bear discussions was provided by visiting Norwegian John Earhart, head of the Norwegian Bamse Bear organization, and his focusing on exchange with Norway and support for the Bear organizations in Ukraine and Russia and elsewhere in Eastern Europe (see statements below). 

     "We also plan a future visit to colleagues in Belarus and want also to bring Bears in Poland into our activities," Earhart said.

    The session was also informed about information efforts by Nordic Bears-Sweden -- providing a web portal for all Bear organizations -- both in the Nordic region and beyond -- displaying information on their coming Bear events.

    Concerning future events, Earthart also encouraged participation in the next Bearty-Tallinn days in the Estonian capital -- April 11-14, 2019 -- which annually promotes different aspects of Bear culture -- art, music, films -- and attracts Bears from Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Norway and elsewhere and has guest Bear culture workers participating from France, the U.K., Canada,  USA and other countries.  The theme this time will again be Bear art and photography.

     This 3rd Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month October 2018 started in the northern Swedish city of Umeå, continued to the Estonian cities of Tallinn and Rakvere, followed by the Swedish city of Södertälje and then to Stockholm including the Bear culture festival..  3rd Month events will continue in Helsinki, Åbo/Turku,  Espo, Riga, Vilnius, Bergen and Oslo.
   The next  Bear International Bear Culture & History Festival will take place in Budapest, in mid-April, 2019 -- following the Bearty-Tallinn days in Estonia.  

    More information coming on the exact dates and programs .

Bill Schiller, international secretary for Bears International

Written Statements from Bear organizations in EstoniaRussia and Belarus read out at the Bear Festival:

     "Dear friends, we wish you wonderful days and sessions ahead, hearing and discussing how culture is and should more than anything else be used to stand proud and help spread the pride - especially for those who cannot speak openly for their own rights. 

     Tallinn-Bearty keeps going because our mission is to advance equal rights, both within the Bear community and beyond its borders. 

     Let’s do it!”   Have a great session these days and let us know how it goes, hugs!

Akvar and Dimitry  +372 56 155494  TALLINN BEARTY team   +372 5615 5494

"Hello everybody, who takes part in the 2nd Bear Cultural Festival in Stockholm - October 15-18, 2018
and the 3rd Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month - October, 2018.

We are Moscow Bears Club - the first Bear group in Russia since 1999.

Next year we will celebrate our 20th anniversary. And we are so proud to have a big friendship with other Bear clubs in Europe.

We do a lot for Bears in Russia to feel more freedom, for more communications. Organizing weekly and monthly Bear meetings and parties in Moscow. For the last 2 years, we are also having elections of Mr Bear Russia.

So, we need more support and are ready for working together with other Bear organizations.

Together we are power! And welcome to Moscow! Woof!    

Vladimir Bob Lyssenko, Moscow Bears   

  ( editor's note: Photographer Vladimir is the co-winner of the Bears International Arts Diploma, 2018 
    and will receive it in person at Bearty-Tallinn 2019)

    From all my heart I would like to send greetings to all the participants of the 3rd Nordic Rainbow History and Culture Month!

    Living in highly homophobic realities here in Belarus, LGBTQ journalists and human rights defenders get united in modest efforts to improve the situation in our country with the support of all good-willing people and initiatives from Belarus, Sweden, Canada, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, the United States and other countres of the world. 

    Supporting each other, showing our personal stories and achievements, as well as highlighting the achievements of highly remarkable LGBTQ people in history, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Hans Christian Andersen, Piotr Chaikovski, Paul Verlain and others we contribute to making the global community friendly and supportive to the LGBTQ-people. 

    Little by little, in small steps, for the future generations, we are dropping the truth and kindness onto the stone of xenophobia, hatred, and disrespect. Sooner or later we will celebrate the complete destruction of the stone that will leading to equality and non-discrimination of LGBTQ-people all over the world!

     Let's stay strong and be diligent and persistent in meeting our goal!   Truth and wisdom are on our side!

Andrus'Journalists for Tolerance' human rights initiative and Lokys - Belarus Bears
Photos:  Alvar and Dimitry in Tallinn.  "Loved" by Canadian/UK artists Mike Wyeld and Charlie Hunter at exhibition in Tallinn,  "Bears" by Victor Adeniran - USA  

Sunday, September 9, 2018


Stockholm -- Preparations continue for the ILGCN's (international rainbow culture network) 3rd Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month -- October, 2018 again in a dozen Nordic cities on both sides of the Baltic Sea -- from Umeå in northern Sweden and again in the southern Baltic capital of Vilnius in Lithuania.
The Nordic Month begins for the third time in Umeå -- this time as a "curtain raiser" part of Umeå Pride. The 2018 Month again includes the 2nd Rakvere Festheart LGBT Film Festival in the northern Estonian town of Rakvere -- this time the 2nd festival --  and for the first time, the Estonian city of Tartu -- with a focus on rainbow art and the Finnish painter/ author, Tove Jansson of Moomintroll fame.  

The Nordic Month's 2018 events include the 2nd LGBT culture program at Södertälje Konsthall (art gallery)  in this city just south of Stockholm and for the first time, the day-long Södertälje LGBT Film Festival at a city cinema. 

At the Stockholm stage, special guests from outside of the Nordic region include Kurt Krickler of Austria, making a presentation both in Södertälje and Stockholm about early Austrian co-operation with colleagues in Eastern Europe. Others are American artist, Victor Adenian -- new LGCN culture ambassador from Colorado, the Australian ambassador to Sweden, Jonathan Kenna and a representative of the Canadian Embassy in Sweden.

Nordic speakers will include Swedish journalist Anne-Marie Sörberg, Johan Earhart of the Norwegian Bamse Bear organization, GöranStanton of the Swedish Police talking about hate crimes against LGBT people, Rolf Solheim of Norway on humanistic support of LGBT rights, Sarah Florén, chair person of Tupilak (Nordic rainbow culture workers)Ulf Andersson of Amnesty Press, Swedish veteran activist, musician and song writer,  Jan HammarlundAnders Paulsson soprano saxophonist and diver to save coral reefs, Swedish musicians Dosan Johansson and Peter Fröberg, etc.

Outstanding immigrant/refugee input is coming from Sama Abdelsamie of RFSL newcomers and RFSL trans persons, Swedish/Iraqi artist David Amin and Belarus activists/ LGBT refugees in Sweden.

The Stockholm stage of the Nordic Month also includes the 2nd Bear International Festival October 15-18 -- discussing Bear solidarity, culture and co-operation with colleagues in Eastern Europe.  
Month-long History & Culture Events in Finland

"We are so pleased that our colleagues in Finland have decided not to have only a day or two for LGBT culture and history, but a whole month--  from October 15-November 15," says Bill Schiller from the ILGCN Information Secretariat-Stockholm. 

The ILGCN also plans meetings  with the prize-winning Bear Park Café in the Finnish capital, Helsinki Gay Theater and a Russian-speaking meeting in the nearby city of Espo.

New for this year is an event in the Norwegian city of Bergen with the "queer training" of museum staff by the Skeivt Archive (rainbow archive) of the University of Bergen and ends in Oslo at the end of October during the Nordic Council sessions with invitations to Nordic Council parliamentarians meeting to discuss Nordic LGBT co-operation -- and support for  rainbow culture and identity.

More information:  

Sarah Florén, Month co-ordinator for Södertälje , Tupilak     facebook
Sander Cecilia Neant Falk, Month co-ordinator for Södertälje,     Tupilak     facebook
Bill Schiller, Month co-ordinator for StockholmILGCN   facebook    www.ilgcn,

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Stockholm -- Music, song, poetry and cultural presentations were part of the program at the ILGCN´s "International Rainbow Event - beyond Europe" celebrating this "Pride in the City" part of Stockholm Pride & Europride 2018 in the Swedish capital.

The star performer of the event was Lynx Dean, an LGBTQ artist from Canada, proving that music is indeed the universal language. Lynx had the entire room clapping along to their song "10 Things" - a song that is performed every year at Toronto City Hall for "Trans Day Of Remembrance." Following the performance, people expressed that they were "impressed, inspired and moved."

The event took place at the Whippet Lab & Social Justice Club in the Swedish capital -- a venue promoting LGBT culture and international solidarity.

Following this successful performance and a second "Pride in the City" performance at another Stockholm venue, Lynx Dean has been invited to return to Stockholm for a performance in January, 2019.

Photo by Mita Hans

More information:
ILGCN Information Secretariat-Stockholm "facebook"

Wednesday, August 15, 2018



Works of Bear International art award diploma winners were displayed at the Stockholm,  August 12 celebration of the ILGCN-initiated 1st International Day of Rainbow Culture/birthday salute to Finnish/Swedish author/painter Tove Jansson.

This took place at the Wippet Lab/Social Justice Club along with LGBT poetry, song and music and other LGBT art works.

Adding to the international greetings came from Mike Wyeld and Charlie Hunter of Toronto/London, winners of Bear International annual Bear art award diplomas. (see "ILGCN," "Tupilak," "Bill Schiller" facebooks)


(part of the 3rd Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month taking place in a dozen Nordic cities.)

Monday, October 15:  --  "Why Bears on the Rainbow Barricades?" --panel with John Earhart of Norwegian Bamse BearsBears International written statements from Andrus K. of Lokys Bears - Belarus, Andrew of Ukrainian Bears, Vladimir of Moscow BearsAlexei of Petersburg Bears

Tuesday, October 16  "Nordic Co-operation with Bears in Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus" -- panel discussion

Wednesday, October 17 -- Bear art and photographty exhibition of Bear International annual art award winners
(from Spain, France, Toronto/London,  New Zealand, Australia, Russia.)
Bear short films from Denmark, Iceland, Norway
Announcement of Bear International art award winners -- 2019

(Alas we have no travel funds but hope to provide private accommodation for visiting Bears!)



More Bear art and photos from Spain, Russia, Ukraine and other  countries have been added to the ILGCN (internatonal rainbow culture network) and Tupilak (Nordic rainbow culture workers) international travelling ILGCN/Tupilak art and photo exhibition.


New proposals are wanted for winners of the 2019 annual Bears International art diploma winners -- to be announced at the Bears International Bear festival in Stockholm in October, 2018 (see above) and hopefully handed out at the next Bearty-Tallinn session in March, 2019 in the Estonian capital.


Bill Schiller, Bears International Stockholm  (facebook and e-mail)
Andrew Cy-Bear Netic,  Bears International Kiev (facebook)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Stockholm -- The ILGCN-declared 1st International Day of Rainbow Culture and the birthday of Finnish/Swedish author/painter, ToveJansson (of Moomintroll fame) was celebrated in a number of nations all over the world -- from the August 9 Tove Jansson's birthday anniversary to the 12th in the Swedish capital.
A "skål" with Finnish beer in Helsinki on the 9th -- to honor the home country of Tove and her American-born, Finnish woman, Tuulikki Pietilä, and their 40-year partnership --  a Finnish"skål" at the Gay Games in Paris on the same day, an Estonian rainbow "skål" in Tallinn on the 10th. .. a Belarus vodka "salute" in Minsk, a Bear burger-&-beer salute in Moscow, a birthday skål with red Hungarian wine in Budapest, a Canadian "birthday" picnic and literature reading in Vancouver, a rainbow salute from Uganda and Armenia ..and more.
In Stockholm on the 12th, the day was honored by a poem from Tupilak's "house poet," Tomas Åberg dedicated to one of Moomin's famous cartoon character friends and Sweden's Peter Fröberg sang "Autumn Song" ("Höstvisa") -- the beautiful text by Tove Jansson urging everyone to live life to the full and love each other before the bright, warm "summer" turns into the Nordic cold and darkening autumn.   The event also included art and photos of LGBT people from a number of nations and other works of  LGBT poets.
"The United Nations and other organizations have daily salutes to different aspects of the human struggle -- anti-racism, discrimination, IDAHO anti-LGBT discriminaton, women and children's rights, anti-AIDS hysteria -- and even salutes to nature such as to the environment, the oceans, the tree, the elephant and the cat!   said Bill Schiller of the ILGCN (international rainbow culture network) Information Secretariat-Stockholm and Tupilak (Nordic rainbow culture workers) at the event at Whippet-Lab/Social Justice Club in the Swedish capital."  
"We feel that it is high time that we honor the rainbow LGBT culture workers of the world -- both of the present and past -- as vital contributors to LGBT identity, visibiity, human rights and creativity," Schiller concluded.
Some of the Written Greetings to the International Day and Tove Jansson
"Although "Höstvisa" is one of my favorite songs I am too busy with work for the coming issue of Amnesty Press to be able to celebrate Tove Jansson (at the event).
By the way, Amnesty Press published several (LGBT) articles during Stockholm Pride week. Have a nice Tove Jansson-evening!"

-- Ulf Andersson, editor of Sweden's Amnesty Press

"I've sent an earlier email with a couple of 'prelude' photos (from Vancouver Pride, August 5th), promoting the International Day of Rainbow Culture.

These additional forwarded pics below illustrate celebration of the 9th, captioned thus:

"ILGCN secretary general for literature, Ian Stewart, in Vancouver, Canada reads aloud to Wordpress Music Blogger Richibi some early published works from Sappho in Paradise Book Prize awardees, Elsa Wallace and Michael Harth (both recently deceased), in celebration of the August 9 International Day of Rainbow Culture.

Best greetings on this truly fabulous initiative!"

-- Ian Stewart
From Switzerland:

"Dear friends and colleagues,

I wish you all the best in the celebration of the International Day of Rainbow Culture and, of course, a happy birthday to Tove Jansson!

We have made so much progress towards equality in recent years, but there is still so much to do. The role of arts and culture is key, because legislative change can work only if arts and culture have been successful in changing a society's hearts and minds. Keep up the good work and I hope to join you in person on a future occasion.

Hugs to all of you"

-- Renato Sabbadini , former co-secretary general of ILGA

"Today is the first annual ILGCN-declared ‘1st International Day of Rainbow Culture” celebrating this year with a tribute to Moomins creator, Tove Jansson. It’s their first year and we wish them all the best for the future. 

Galleries still are not collecting and exhibiting queer work; it’s something community groups will have to do. Let’s do it!" 

-- Mike Wyeld and Charlie Hunter of Toronto/London (creators of the "Loved" Bear art exhibit which has toured internationally and winners of Bears International annual art award diplomas for Bear culture!)


Photos available.