Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Stockholm -- Music, song, poetry and cultural presentations were part of the program at the ILGCN´s "International Rainbow Event - beyond Europe" celebrating this "Pride in the City" part of Stockholm Pride & Europride 2018 in the Swedish capital.

The star performer of the event was Lynx Dean, an LGBTQ artist from Canada, proving that music is indeed the universal language. Lynx had the entire room clapping along to their song "10 Things" - a song that is performed every year at Toronto City Hall for "Trans Day Of Remembrance." Following the performance, people expressed that they were "impressed, inspired and moved."

The event took place at the Whippet Lab & Social Justice Club in the Swedish capital -- a venue promoting LGBT culture and international solidarity.

Following this successful performance and a second "Pride in the City" performance at another Stockholm venue, Lynx Dean has been invited to return to Stockholm for a performance in January, 2019.

Photo by Mita Hans

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