Friday, July 30, 2021

Coming Events

 SOME TUPILAK (Nordic rainbow culture workers) and ILGCN (international rainbow culture network) INFORMATION SECRETARIAT-Stockholm COMING EVENTS:

The ILGCN/Tupilak-initiated INTERNATIONAL DAY for RAINBOW CULTURE -- AUGUST 9 (also the birthday of Finnish-Swedish author and artist and creater of Mumintroll, Tove Jansson -- and member of Tupilak!).
Join us with a poem, quotes from Tove Jansson, a song, a short film, an art/photo display, a discussion of rainbow culture or a "skål" (a Swedish toast!) to your own rainbow culture workers!
The inauguration of the NORDIC CAMPAIGN for LGBT MONUMENTS in the NORDIC ZONE -- not mere monuments for local recognition but for a salute to the LGBT struggle everywhere and every when over the millennium!
Launch at WorldPride Copenhagen-Malmö, August 12- 22, 2021.
Launch of ILGCN/Tupilak: 6th NORDIC RAINBOW HISTORY & CULTURE MONTH -- October, 2021 on October 1 at WestPride- Gothenburg.
The rest of the month at Stockholm, Estonian and other Nordic cities with presentations, poetry, films, music, song, art and photography:
Heartfest LGBT Film Festival in Tartu and Rakvere
Elli’s Rainbow Festival – honoring the elderly LGBT
Loke’s Rainbow – honoring trans culture .
Nordic Culture Co-operation with Eastern Europe
Nordic VIPS in history
Nordic LGBT Monuments Campaign – a progress report
Rainbow culture salute to Greenland and Estonia