Friday, March 30, 2018


Liverpool -- ILGCN's "Wings 2018" award (for outstanding contributions with films to LGBT culture) ceremony  to Stephen "Unchechen" Hornby, UK -- at LGBT History Month- UK conference, March 16-18 (press release coming).

Riga -- ILGCN/Bears International participation in Baltic Pride- Riga - March 3-June 10.

Stockholm -- ILGCN/Tupilak event for March 21 UN Day against Rasicsm & Fascism/United's European Week against Rascism & Fascism -- (press release coming).

Södertälje --  ILGCN participating in Tupilak Art Exhibit - Södertälje City Hall April 9-29 (vernissage April 9) 

Tallinn -- ILGCN/Bears International participating in Bearty-Tallinn international Bear culture meeting  April  20-22

Budapest -- ILGCN Rainbow Culture Conference - May 8,9 (press release coming) (With Nordic & European Rainbow Humanists, anti-fascist movement)

Riga -- ILGCN participating in Belarus Journalists for Tolerance conference - June 9  (press release coming)

Stockholm -- ILGCN participating in EuroPride-Stockholm - July 27-August 5

World-wide -- ILGCN-declared "1st International Day of Rainbow Culture" - August 9 (birthday of Finnish-Swedish writer/painter Tove Jansson of "Moomin" fame) -- salutes planned in over 30 countries so far, from Canada to Finland to Uganda. (2nd press release coming).

Gothenburg -- ILGCN participating in EuroPride-Gothenburg - August 14-20

16 Nordic cities -- 3rd Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month - October, 2018  (2nd press release coming)



ILGCN's "Orfeo Musica 2018" to veteran British singer/song writer, Tom ("Sing if Yoúre Glad to be Gay!") RobinsonUK.

ILGCN's "Orfeo Iris 2018" (for research and information work on Nazi and neo Nazi persecution of LGBT people) to Professor Rainer U W Schulze(editor of "The Holocaust in History and Memory") of University of EssexU.K.

ILGCN's "Rainbow Warriors 2018" -- Simon Gärdenfors and Frej Larsson,Sweden (sued unsuccessfully by Russia for creating a musical gay club on Russian property on Finland's Åland Islands -- previously part of the Czar's empire)

Other award proposals...?  Other information for the next ILGCN web publication, "Erato"...?

Get back to me!


Bill Schiller of the ILGCN Information Secretariat-Stockholm   Facebok: "ILGCN," "Bill Schiller"