Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Stockholm -- A two-day event has honored by UN-declared International Day Against Discrimination -- the anniversary of the Sharpevill Massacre of South Africa -- organized by Tupilak (Nordic rainbow culture workers), ILGCN (international rainbow culture network), Information Secretariat-Stockhoolm, Bears International, Nordic Rainbow Humanists and the culture house, Cyklopen .

The program included live music, rainbow CD music (including music from Uganda!), presentations, international rainbow poetry, and art and photography from Tupilak & ILGCN international art exhibition.

Film screenings including United Nations' salutes to LGBT rights and identify, Willi Reichhold's "LGBT Monuments" around the globe and "Both Sides Now," the British drama, "Unchechen" by Stephen Hornby, UK, and Christine Zuwall's "Poetry for LGBT People."

Bill Schiller presented his monologue "Grey Ghosts of Tefia" about the prisoners of Franco's gay concentration camp on the island of Fuerteventura -- opened 10 years after Auschwitz and Mauthausen were liberated.

Ivar Andersen of Cyklopen explaiined the history of the culture center, rebuilt after neo nazi hooligans destroyed the original structure.

Song and music was provided by Swedish singer and song-writer, Elise Street and the Milky Way -- who also received the 2019 ILGCN music diploma - the "Orfeus & Zelim Bakaev" award -- named after the ancient Greek musician and the missing Chechnyan singer -- believed to have been arrested and executed in the recent wave of crack downs on gays in that Russian province.

This year's award is also shared with Canadian performer, Lynx Dean, and veteran British singer/song writer Tom Robinson.

The events took place on March 20 -- the eve of the UN Day at the culture center in a Stockholm suburb and on March 21st -- in a conference room on the city's Southern Island

Future Events in Stockholm, Other Nordic Cities

ILGCN's Bears International will join the international collection of Bears meeting for the annual Bearty-Tallinn -- in the Estonian capital April 12-14, and will again hand out Bear art diplomas honoring outstanding Bear cultural activities and an award for promoting international Bear exchange named after "Calais" -- Orpheus' male lover, who travelled with him on the Argos.

On May 17 -- IDAHO Day -- international day against homophobia/transphobia/bi-phobia -- the event will be celebrated at the Estonia House in Stockholm also with a rainbow salute to the 101-year anniversary of the independence of Estonia.

The 4th Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month - October, 2019 will take place in a number of Nordic cities such as Rakvere-Estonia, Espo-Finland and Stockholm.

The Södertälje stage of the Nordic Month will focus on rainbow poetry on Saturday, October 26 at the city's Art Gallery (Konsthallen) .

The first Nordic "Skål" or rainbow history "hub" will take place in Stockholm on October 27. The focus on October 28 will be on Nordic rainbow culture and include another Nordic Rainbow Humanism conference.

The 1st Nordic Pride will take place on the October 29 and 30 -- including a 30-year anniversary "skål" to Tupilak.

The 30th will also include a focus on Bear art, films and culture and international Bear exchange at the 3rd Culture Festival of Bears in the Nordic zone.

Photos: Elise Street, LGBT Monument in Visby (Sweden), "Unchechen" father and son, "Red" by Vladik of Minsk, Cyklopen building, Zelim Bakaev of Chechnya.

More information bill@tupilak.org

Cyklopen building

Elise Street

LGBT Monument in Visby (Sweden)

"Unchechen" father and son

"Red" by Vladik of Minsk

Zelim Bakaev of Chechnya