Tuesday, October 19, 2021

6th NORDIC RAINBOW HISTORY & CULTURE MONTH -- OCTOBER, 2021 -- last Stockholm stage events!

Stockholm -- Some of the last few events of the Swedish capital stage of the 6th Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month - 2021 have taken place at the Hjorthagen Culture Center with presentations, film screenings, music, poetry, art work and award ceremonies. Presentations included a description of the on-going Belarus-Swedish Rainbow Co-operation project -- financed by the Swedish Insititute -- with LGBT Belarus journalists coming to Sweden to interview cultural workers here for thier website. Two journalists participated in WestPride-Gothenburg events -- with the October 1st opening of the Nordic Month, and later in Stockholm for more interviews. Two more Belarus journalists are coming to visit the Swedish capital in December for more interviews. The Stockholm event also included an exhibition of rainbow art and photography from LGBT Belarus male and female artists -- included in the Tupilak/ILGCN International Rainbow Art & Photography Travelling Exhibition. Also, art from beyond the Nordic region -- such as of Serge Hildago of Mexico! The event also included the birth of two new film initiatives: the "Elli's Rainbow Film Festival" -- honoring the elderly in the LGBT movement and those focusing on the elderly's contributions (Elli was the Viking goddess of the Aged!) and the "Loke's Rainbow Film Festival" focusing on the trans contribution to LGBT culture and identity. AWARDS HANDED OVER AT THE EVENTS The "2021 Thor's Hammer" was presented to Swedish gay soprano sexophone player, Anders Paulsson, for his enormous contribition to music and to the efforts to save the coral reefs and ocean environments of several nations. The "2021 Loke's Rainbow" awards were presented to Sweden's Zafire Vrba Woodski, whose powerful film "Death is My Pronoun" was also screened at the event, and to Swedish writer and lecturer, Emil Åkerö. Another film screened at the event was "If I Could Tell" by SETA-Finland, with the moving and often humorous documentary of both elderly gays and lesbians and couragous trans persons. This film has also been awarded the "2021 Elli's Rainbow" diploma. Powerful music provided at the event came from Elise Streetway, Jan Hammarlund and Robert Hill. Poetry was provided by Tommy Åberg, Tupilak's "house poet." LAST 2 NORDIC RAINBOW MONTH EVENTS IN STOCKHOLM Still to come, the Tuesday, October 19th event (note: new time! 19.00-21.00) at the Posithiva Grupp offices (Östermalsgatan 5). Discussions are to cover both the list of historic VIP's -- many unknown -- of the Nordic region and a future Rainbow HIV/AIDS Film Festival (with works from Sweden, USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Denmark, France, South Africa, India, etc). Films to be screened on the 19th at the PG offices are "Global Struggle for Survival" of Willi Reichhold and Sam Hultin's documentary, "Our Hopes UP" (Segern i Förskott). The session is also to discuss the need for LGBT monuments in the Nordic zone -- not only in the rest of the world. RAINBOWS IN EXILE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL? The very last event for the Swedish capital will be on Thursday, October 21 (19.00-21.00) (Götgatan 30 - T-ban Slussen) with a discussion of Amnesty's support for LGBT questions and news, LGBT Bears contribution to rainbow culture. Also, the suggestion of future plans for a Swedish-Danish initiative for an annual "Rainbows in Exile International Film Festival" focusing on the trauma and struggle of LGBT people seeking refuse and asylum in other countries. Limited space so early registration is necessary (0700 15 66 95). MIX - LGBT FILM FESTIVAL IN COPENHAGEN The Nordic Rainbow Month finishes with the 10-day event, MIX, LGBT Film Festival in Copenhagen -- the biggest and the oldest rainbow film festival in the Nordic region, from the 22nd to the 31st of October. Information about the program is on the website: https://mixcopenhagen.dk/ and on MIX COPENHAGEN. MIX is also to receive the ILGCN (international rainbow culture network) award, the "2021 Wings" for the outstanding promotion of LGBT films. It's named after the world's first gay film, the 1916 "Vingarna" by gay Swedish film maker, Maurice Stiller. More information: bill@tupilak.org

Anders Paulsson

Anders diploma
Anders diploma
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Viking goddess Elli

Jan Hammarlund

Robert Hill

art from Serge Hildago of Mexico

Belarus art "red,"

Zafira and diploma
Zafira and diploma