Friday, June 11, 2021


Stockholm -- The ILGCN (international rainbow culture network) announces its 2021 "Orfeo Iris" award diplomas for outstanding information work regarding the Nazi persecution, arrest and murder of LGBT prisoners and other categories of concentration camp inmates as well as homophobic neo-Nazi violence after WWII.
The winners this year include Dr. Joanna Ostrowska of Poland, who has written a series of highly-praised books about LGBT and others in the Nazi concentration camps, and activist Barbara Ludmilla Froelich of Austria and her Anti-Fascist Committee of HOSI-Wien, who help organize the yearly rainbow participation in Austria's Mauthausen concentration camp.
Earler Orfeo Iris winners include researchers, writers, museums and organizations in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Poland.
It's hoped that the 2021 award winners will be able to come to Stockohlm in the future to receive their award diplomas.
The award is named after "iris" -- the rainbow -- and Orpheus, the ancient Greek musician whose music could calm even the demons of the Underworld and who was proud of his male lovers, including Calais -- a fellow sailor on that famous ship, the Argo.
Photos/logos: Dr. Joanna Ostrowska, Barbara Ludmilla Frölich, drawing of Orpheus and Calais, rainbow and entrance to Auschwitz.