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  Palanga -- Presentations, discussions on the importance of LGBT culture, films and planning future strategies were part of theILGCN (rainbow culture international) World Rainbow Culture Conference (stage 1)  June 10-12, 2016 in this Lithuanian Baltic coastal town.

   "We had vauable exchanges and discussions on focusing especially on the tough battles for LGBT rights and cultural identity in Eastern Europe, says Andrus K. of Minsk, co-secretary general of the ILGCN Eastern European Secretariat,shared with Budapest.  "It's also important that journalists do not forget about their social responsibility for correct, non-discriminatory coverage of LGBT issues."

   Conference participants applauded the vieo message contribution from Ulrike Lunacek, open lesbian Austrian Green Party European parliamentarian, vice chair of the European Parliament and co-chair of the parliament's LGBT group, describing the progress made by the EU on LGBT issues and the serious challenges ahead for full equality.  

   "Canada is especialy eager to support the LGBT strugge for rainbow rights and culture in this part of the world," says Robert Milkovich, Canadian ILGCN co-ordinator from Toronto.  "Canada has had its share of discriminatory policies against various minorities.  But an evolution has taken place and it's important to understand how that evolution was able to happen."

                                                              Condemnation aimed at USA, Mexico, Bangalesh, Belarus

    The conference strongly condemned the recent murder of 49 at a gay disco in Orlando, Florida, the killing of 7 at a gay club in Mexico, the murder of two gay journalists in Bangladesh by machete-wielding religious fanatics and such psychological, verbal violence illustrated by  Belarussian Christian Democrat leader, Pavel Seviarynets, publically demanding the resignation of organizing committee member Marharyta Taraikevich simply because she openly defended LGBT rights.  

    "We're proud that the conference took place in Lithuania," says Arvydas Vogulis, ILGCN co-ordinator for Lithuania. "All international rainbow events here are an important support for our struggle against Lithuania's ban on information about homosexuality."  

   Also discussed were the important role of LGBT Bears on the local, national and international rainbow barricades to help shatter the homophobic concepts of what gays areally are in all their diversity.

      "The 2nd stage of the ILGCN world rainbow conference this year will take place October 10-14 as part of the ILGCN/International Bears organized  1st Nordic Rainbow History & Arts Month in Umeå, Stockholm and Vilnius," concludes Bill Schiller, secretary general of theILGCN Information Secretariat in Stockholm The Bears International session will take place in Stockholm on October 14.  The stages of the 2015 conference took place in Stockholm and Budapest.

More information:

International Bears Calling friends and contacts:

International Bears Calling friends and contacts:

"Bears on the Barricades/Bear Culture" discussed at the ILGCN World Rainbow Culture Conference (stage 1) Palanga, Lithuania June 10-12, 2016 
(see press release).

Bears International greetings to Kiev:  Ukrainian Bears' first anniversary July 9, 2016.

"Bears on the Barricades/Bear Culture" to be discussed at ILGCN presentation at the Warsaw meeting of Belarus LGBT journalists on July 22, 2016.

"Bear International/Bear Culture" -- seminar at Stockholm Pride on July 26, 2016.  

"Searching for Bears in the far north!" -- part of ILGCN seminar at Umeå Pride October 1-2, 2016  (opening 1st Nordic Rainbow History & Art Month)(Umeå/Stockholm/Vilnius).

"Bear on the Barricades/Bear Culture" -- seminar at the ILGCN World Rainbow Culture Conference (stage 2)  inStockholm October 14, 2016 (part of 1st Nordic Rainbow History & Art Month)  (Announcement of Bears International's art/photography award diploma winners 2016!)

"Searching for Bears in the Baltic zone" -- part of ILGCN presentation in Vilnius October 29-31 at the end of 1st Nordic Rainbow History & Art Month 

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