Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September, 2012

Swedes, Belarus, Ukrainians in the Crimea in June

ILGCN and Tupilak (international rainbow cultural network) together with
colleagues from Sweden, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Norway at the Swedish-Belarus-Ukrainian follow-up conference in Semeiz, Crima in June, 2012  (following meetings in Kiev and Minsk 2011 also supported by the Swedish Institute) and at the ILGCN culture conference in this harbor town. Including a "spray can paint attack" on a homophobic wall graffiti turning this into a pro-peace and prof LGBT illustration.

Tupilak at 1st Luleå Pride – June 15-17
Presentation of ILGCN "Arco Nordica" award to organizers.

Tupilak at LGBT Belarus journalists meeting in Vilnius – June 15-17
Competition for anti-discrimination Belarus journalism (see press release below). 

Tupilak at the International Square – July 2-6
In Visby on the Swedish Baltic island of Gotland during politician’s and human rights week at Almedalen Week. This included the one-year anniversary ceremony at 1st Nordic LGBT Monument at the shoreline.

ILGCN & Tupilak Travelling Art & Photo Exhibition at
Teater Tribunal  in Stockholm – July 31
Homosexuella Socialists Event. Guest artist: Vladik of Minsk.    

Tribunal Exhibit (photo by Vladik)


ILGCN & Tupilak seminar at Stockholm Pride House – August 1
on Solidarity with Eastern Europe.

ILGCN & Tupilak seminar at Stockholm Pride House – August 2
On Nordic LGBT Solidarity.

Tupilak at 1st Nordic LGBT Work Place Forum – August 3
At Stockholm Exhibition Fair with presentation on Nordic-Baltic-Eastern Europe co-operation and Tupilak/ILGCN Belarus & Nordic art and photography exhibition.
Exhibit at Stockholm International Fair (photo by Vladik)


ILGCN & Tupilak  at Belgrade Pride September/October

                                         Visby LGBT Monument
                                         (photo by Willi Reichhold)

1st Nordic Rainbow Islands Festival – October 4-7  
Part of the 1st Gotland Pride, Visby Gotland. Seminars, panel discussions, films, art & photography, music, song, performances.

  • A review of rainbow life in the 13 Nordic islands: Gotland, Öland, Stockholm and Gothenberg archipelagoes (Sweden); Bornholm, Faroe Islands, Greenland (Denmark); Åland, Åbo archipelago (Finland); Svalbard (Norway); Hiiumaa and Saaremaa (Estonia); Iceland. 
  • Stopping the rainbow brain-drain from the Nordic islands.
  • Boosting rainbow co-operation between the Nordic islands.
  • Increasing mainland support of rainbow organizations, business, tourism, culture on the islands.
  • Humanism on the LGBT rainbow barricades, from Torshamn to Istanbul

Sunset/torch-lit ceremony at the LGBT stone monument
on the shoreline of Visby harbor
This is the first such monument in the Nordic region.

ILGCN & Tupilak Rainbow Art & Photo International Travelling Exhibition 
Works from 40 countries

ILGCN with Tupilak in Brazil:   

ILGCN World Rainbow Culture Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Jan 31-Feb 3 2013
With discussions "Rainbow Culture in Brazil", "Rainbow Culture in Sweden," "Rainbow Culture in Russia" etc., poetry, music, film, drama. Samples of the ILGCN & Tupilak International Travelling Rainbow Art & Photo Exhibition with works from 40 nations. It's at pre-Rio Carnaval time (February 25/1-7/2) and includes participation in the giant, pink-ballon and gay-filled, pre-carnaval  parade  "Simpatia é Quase Amor" (Sympathy is nearly Love!) on Saturday, February 2.

Information: Anders Ödvall eljest123@hotmail.com ILGCN Information Secretariat bill@tupilak.org

ILGCN/Tupilak Rainbow Festival, Palestine Jenin Refugee Zone,
West Bank – May 2013