Tuesday, November 7, 2006

The annual ILGCN "Arco Nordica" 2006 award

Press Release from the International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network
Information Secretariat in Stockholm:

The annual ILGCN "Arco Nordica" 2006 award goes to Sweden's
Pol-Balt Network for pioneering efforts uniting many groups in this
Scandinavian nation - big and small, political, social and cultural -
into an active network linking colleagues at home and with those on the
barricades on the eastern side of the Baltic Sea - Estonia, Latvia,
Lithuania and Poland," says Bill Schiller, secretary general at the

"This comes at a crucial time when new waves of violent homophobia
and political and religious hostility threaten the rainbow struggle for
human rights. The network promotes awareness, solidarity and

The award is presented in collaboration with the Nordic Rainbow
Council and Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers).

The ILGCN Arco Nordica has gone earlier to a number of pioneering
organizations in the Nordic region promoting cultural and political
rights to those realizing that efforts to cross borders enhances rather
than weakens the colors of the rainbow, and that putting a focus also on
the darker sides of the rainbow makes the whole rainbow that much more

Information: info@tupilak.se www.ilgcn.tupilak.se