Friday, January 9, 2009

TUPILAK CALLING * January 2009

TUPILAK CALLING * January 2009

-- from the international desk

Stockholm -- Tupilak/ILGCN cultural evening: a successful event at the Musik Valvet in the Old Town with live music, presentations and the exhibition of some of Tupilak & ILGCN Travelling Art and Photography on November 30, 2008.

Special participation (thanks to funding from the Swedish International Development Assistance Baltic Unit in Visby) with visiting Polina Savchenko of *Coming Out* and ILGCN co-ordinator - St.Petersburg, Lukasz Palucki -- ILGCN Eastern European Secretariat * Warsaw and Siarhei Padssonny -- journalist and ILGCN ambassador - Belarus, who also made presentations at the RFSU Youth Center in Visby
on November 29 .

Discussions with local activists also covered plans for a Baltic Rainbow Festival in the Gotlandic capital in July, 2009. and continued co-operation with the Nordic Rainbow Council and the Nordic Rainbow Humanists during the year.

Tupilak and ILGCN plans for 2009:
  • Stockholm * Tupilak yearly meeting February
  • Riga * Baltic Pride May 15-17
  • Reykjavik * Solidarity with the Faroe Islands (with Nordic parliamentarians) Spring
  • Stockholm -- Nordic Focus on LGBT Nigeria (with Swedish Humanists) Spring.
  • Bucharest * ILGCN World Cultural Conference (stage 1) June
  • Budapest * ILGCN World Cultural Conference (stage 2) June
  • Visby * Rainbow Human Rights & Culture Festival July
  • Helsinki -- 10th Tribade Day & Night Festival: focus on Tallinn, St.Petersburg September .
  • St. Petersburg -- ILGCN World Conference (stage 3) September
  • Stockholm * Cultural evenings at Musik Valvet, Art Exhibition
    (volunteers welcome!)

    -- Bill Schiller, Tupilak international secretary and secretary general of ILGCN
    (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) Information Secretariat - Stockholm

    NOTE: Tupilak yearly membership fees greatly needed for Swedish,
    Nordic, & international projects! (100 kr. post giro 498 37 67-7)