Saturday, December 1, 2012

International Day Against Facism / Kristallnacht Candlelight Ceremony

Honouring all victims of the nazi death camps -- homosexuals, Jews, Roma, dissidents, war prisoners, resistance fighters, disabled and intellectuals (as potential troublemakers) from occupied countries. At Side Track (Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 7 T-ban Mariatorget) Friday, November 9, 2012 18:00 

  • Voices from the Shadows of the Rainbow -- Bill Schiller, Tupilak/ILGCN
  • Words from Savine Tropa, Mozaika - Latvia
  • Erotica: Ginsberg and Huges: -- folklore expert, Izzy Young
  • Poesi -- Tommy Öberg
  • Film: "LGBT Monuments from Visby to Mauthausen to Barcelona" -- by Willi Reichhold 
  • CD music "Niemals Vergessen" -- songs from the anti-facist resistance. 
  • Art from Auschwitz by Marian Ruzamski, gay Polish prisoner nr. 122 843.
  • ILGCN & Tupilak Awards: "Orfeo Iris" (research on LGBT persecution) "Loke's Rainbow"(poineering trans culture)
  • No entrance fee but alas, no free drinks!
Tupilak music in Auschwitz

LGBT monument in Visby

Organized by: Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers), ILGCN (international rainbow cultural network) Information Secretariat-Stockholm, Nordic Rainbow Humanists, Nordic-Baltic-Polish-Russian-Belarus Rainbow Network, 3rd Age Rainbows International - Sweden, Homosexuella Socialister, ROHS (Swedish national organization for LGBT solidarity)