Wednesday, January 2, 2013

European Rainbow Humanist Network

You are very welcome to join the:

European Rainbow Humanist Network

  1. To help spread the LGBT humanist information through workshops, seminars, cultural events, etc. in the European zone at Prides, conferences, rainbow cultural festivals and other events -- with special emphasis on work in the East where colleagues face especially fierce homophobia and religious intolerance. (with the use of material from the numerous LGBT humanist workshop presentations in Eastern Europe by Rolf Solheim of Norway, art & photography of Elisabeth Wallin Ohlson of Sweden and Pave Leszkowicz of Poland, films of Willi Reichhold of Sweden and others, rainbow humanist cabaret numbers and monologues, etc.)

  2. To meet once a year (via internet if face-to-face conferences can not be arranged) to exchange experiences and plan time schedules and target events. (Possibilities for 2013: on the sidelines of Montenegro Pride - May, Budapest Pride - July, Belgrade Pride - September, Oslo -- autumn)

  3. To require NO membership fees but to accept donations and to seek funds and other support where appropriate.

  4. To minimize bureacracy and administrative work.

  5. To hand out an annual ERH award -- the "Priapus" to some one on the national or international scene notorius for anti-LGBT work and propaganda (a complement to the annual Nordic Rainbow Humanist award for positive support of LGBT rights.)

NOTE: Some of the preliminary steering committee members
(until the first yearly meeting):

Chair: Rolf Solheim - Oslo, Norway
Finance secretary: Colin de la Mottte Sherman - Berlin, Germany
Polish secretary: Pawel Leszkowicz - Poznan, Poland
International secretary: Bill Schiller - Stockholm, Sweden

Please get back to us with any feedback, questions, suggestions or comments. Recommendations for the Nordic Rainbow Humanist and Priapus awards welcome!

Bill Schiller, Stockholm -- also via Nordic Rainbow Humanist link on Tupilak/ILGCN