Sunday, October 23, 2022


Stockholm -- The days in the Swedish capital of the 7th Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month-- arranged by Tupilak (Nordic rainbow culture workers) and the ILGCN (International rainbow culture network) -- are over -- following the Estonian LGBT FestHeart Film Festival in the first days of the month and before the MIX LGBT Film Festival in Copenhagen in the last days of October.
Discussions in Stockholm centered around the power of LGBT history and the power of rainbow culture, LGBT culture focus on the eldery, LGBT Trans culture, Nordic support for colleagues in Eastern Europe, LGBT culture for the differently abled, LGBT journalists and their risks, promoting LGBT monuments in the Nordic region, encouraging more LGBT Nordic exchange and Bear culture..
"Wings" Honoring Fighting Teacher
The last awards of the Stockholm stage were 'Wings' -- given via Zoom to American teacher Rodney Wilson and film director Dan Steadman -- (who also received a donated crystal set of wings!) for their documentary film ('Taboo Teaching') about a teacher coming out to his school class and facing homophobic administrators) ,
Earlier ("Journalists on the Rainbow Barricades") awards went to Andrus K. of Minsk and his colleagues both in Belarus and in exile on this the 10th anniversary of Belarus Journalists for Tolerance. Rita Paqvalén and SETA-Finland received their "Arco Nordica" for their years-long support of LGBT history and culture in Finland, and Kjell Rindar, a long-time veteran of the Swedish LGBT movement, receiving the history award, "Clio & her Silver Cup."
Honoring Polish LGBT Library, Swedish Theater
Other award winners in Stockholm included Filip Kijowski (Poland) (receiving the "Sappho in Paradise" award from ILGCN and the Paradise Press in London (for his launching an LGBT library and community center in Lublin), Petter Wallenberg (Sweden) receiving the "Orpheo and Thalia" (theater, performances) (for this nation-wide performance for youngsters, "Drags and Dragons.") and Lars Gårdfeldt (Sweden) (a minister working for LGBT rights and identity both inside and outside of the church.)
Some of the guest speakers: Rita Paqvalén (Finland) (on Finnish LGBT history & culture), Andrus K. (on LGBT Belarus journalists, years-long LGBT Nordic-Belarus co-operation), Peter Roth (Sweden) (on HIV and survival) and Swedish author, Emil Åkerö (on Swedish and Finnish LGBT artists) and Bill Schiller (Sweden) (on the Nordic campaign to set up LGBT monuments in the Nordic zone/ the campaign to raise Nordic flags at Nordic LGBT events and increase Nordic rainbow exchange and co-operation)
Films from USA, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Canada
Some of the films screened: 'Taboo Teaching' (USA), 'I Wish I Could Tell' (Finland), 'Harry Meets Santa' (Norway).
'Blue Painter'(Sweden), 'Hallalujua'(Canada) 'LGBT Monuments - world wide' (Sweden), 'Amore Strani' (Brazil), "Both Sides Now" (Sweden)
Art/Photography from the Tupilak and ILGCN international travelling collection (with works from some 80 nations.)
(Two awards which could not be handed out and will wait for the next Tupilak/ILGCN event: "Rainbows in Chariots" (differently
abled activists) Sahar Mosley (Sweden) and "Journalists on the Rainbow Barricades" - Nemat Sedat (first openly gay journalist of his nation) (Afghanistan)
NEXT & LAST STAGE: MIX LGBT FILM FESTIVAL (21.10-30.10) in Copenhagen. ILGCN's "Wings" award to MIX, ILGCN's "Orfeos Iris" (research into Nazi & neo Nazi persecution) for documentary film, 'Nelly & Nadine' to director Magnus Gertten (Sweden) and producer, Ove Rishioj Jensen (Denmark).
Rodney, Peter Roth, Andrus, Kjell, Rita, Bill, Filip, Petter, Lars, MIX, "Nelly & Nadine" Magnus, Ove, Tupilak logo, ILGCN logo

Andrus of Minsk

Dan with "Wings"

Emil Åkero

Rita, Bill, Filip, Petter, Lars

Hallelujah faces

Harry Meets Santa film

Kjell Rindar

LGBT Monument - Frankfurt wounded angel

Magnus Gertten

Nelly & Nadine

Ove Rishoj Jensen of DK

Peter Roth

Renato Russo

Rita Paxvalen

Rodney Wilson with school Auschwitaz diagram

Taboo Teaching ad

Bill Schiller in Auschwitz at wall of execution