Tuesday, March 6, 2007

ILGCN World Conferences 2007 to Start in Vilnius

ILGCN Information Secretariat - Stockholm
(International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)

PRESS RELEASE March 5, 2007

Applications for 2008 stages coming from North America, Eastern Europe:

ILGCN World Conferences 2007 to Start in Vilnius

Vilnius/Stockholm - The 2007 ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay
Cultural Network) world rainbow cultural conference stages in 2007 will
begin with Vilnius on May 24-25, continue to Toronto for the "Iran-in
Exile" stage in June and to Paris/Marseille in October for the
"Algeria in Exile"stage.

The Mauritius stage originally planned for 2007
will be postponed for a future date.

"We're happy to see applications already coming in for 2008 world
rainbow cultural conference from Eastern Europe and North America,"
says Bill Schiller, secretary general of the ILGCN Information
Secretariat in Stockholm. "This is in keeping with our desires to
see stages shared by both East and West -- and to share with different
cities on a large geographic scale knowing that many do not have the
ability to organize a mega event on their own."

ILGCN "titles" Without Payment

"This is also why we fully support the Polish initiative to share
Euro pride 2008 between Stockholm and Warsaw, and plan to give our full
support to the crucial Polish event," adds Schiller.

"Unlike some international prestige events such as Euro Pride ,
World Pride, and Gay Games which sell their titles for high prices
without offering any financial support whatsoever, we will continue to
hand out ILGCN world conference stage titles without any charge - and we
always make efforts to provide performers, films, art and photography,
and conference seminar hosts," concludes Schiller.


Note: See earlier press releases on 2007 ILGCN world rainbow culture
conference stages at www.ilgcn.tupilak.se

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