Saturday, May 12, 2007

10th ILGCN World Rainbow Cultural Conference – VILNIUS

(stage 1) May 24-25, 2007


(Lithuanian Gay League: A. Jaksto 22-15)


Opening (greetings from other 2007 stages:

Iranians in Exile” – Toronto, June 20,
Algerians in Exile” -- Paris/Marseille, October)
– Bill Schiller, ILGCN

Reports from ILGCN Secretariats
Belarus, Swedish delegates at ILGCN
conference in Minsk, coming to Vilnius

Rainbow Culture in Belarus” – Anna Gavrilova, Elena Mosalova -
Belarus LGBT Amnesty

Rainbow Culture in Lithuania” – Vladimir Simonko, Eduardas Platovas -
Lithuanian Gay League

Rainbow Film Festivals in Latvia – sharing the experience with Lithuania”
– Andrejs Visockis, Mozaika-Riga

“World Humanism & Rainbow Rights” – Nordic Rainbow Humanists

1st Nordic Rainbow Humanists (2nd session: Gothenberg, September 29)

Songs by Anne Jaaskelainen, Finland

FRIDAY, May 25th

Finland’s Tribade Festivals” – Anne Jaaskelainen, Helsinki

Nordic Rainbow Culture” – Bill Schiller, ILGCN/Tupilak

7th Nordic Rainbow Council. (2nd session: Gothenberg, September 29)

Over the Baltic Rainbow
-- solidarity on the yellow,
brick road to Gothenberg & beyond”


Rainbow DaysReception (Friday, May 24 at LGL office).

Dancing on the Rainbow Barricades” – a dvd of Malin
Backström, Sweden

Bo Jangles and the Angel
– a monologue by the Chicago Kid

BOTH DAYS -- May 24-25, 2007

Nordic CD music

Nordic Short & Documentary Films

Rainbow History Exhibition – ILGCN History Secretariat (Minneapolis)

Tupilak/ILGCN Travelling
Art & Photography Exhibit

Works of Andrius Privetas, Lithuania and others