Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ILGCN CALLING -- April 25, 2017 

    At this year's Bearty-Tallinn meeting with Bears coming from Ukraine, Russia, Finland,  Hungary, Britain, USA, Sweden
 and Iceland joining Estonian colleagues.  During the weekend event April 21-23, Bears also joined with local LGBT activists
at a demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy, demanding the end of persecution, imprisonment and murders of gays
in Chechnya.

       The Bearty-Tallinn event this time focused on Bear musicians and DJ's and discussions of Bear culture.  At the event, 
Tupilak's (Nordic rainbow culture workers) "Thor's Hammer" award diploma was handed over to Frosti Jonsson, Icelandic
 activist and organizer of the annual "Bears on Ice" event in Reykjavik. The Bears International's "Bears Art Award" diplomas
 were handed over to Canadian/British Bear artists Mike Wyeld and Charlie Hunter.  
       Performing at an enthusiastically-applauded concert during the event, American singer and song writer Matt Alber of Portland,
 Oregon has been appointed the latest ILGCN culture ambassador  -- this time for the United States,  sharing the diplomatic
 position with American artist and film maker, Erica Eaton of New York. 

The ILGCN Information Secretariat in the Swedish capital will join with TupilakBears International, Nordic Rainbow
Humanists and others for the Wednesday, May 17 IDAHOT Day ceremonies --  with presentations, art, films, poetry and with 
special salutes to colleagues in the homophobic dictatorships of Chechnya and Belarus.

This will take place at the Old Town Secret Garden pub at 19.00.


 ILGCNTupilak and Bears International seminars are now scheduled for ) Wednesday, June 7 (14.00) on Nordic 
co-operation with Eastern EuropeThursday, June 8 (12:30) on LGBT cultureFriday June 9 (13:00) on "Bears on 
the Barricades" and on rainbow history (16:00)

ILGCN's Rainbow Culture Conference 2017 will take place in the Hungarian capital on 3-4 July -- part of Budapest Pride.
Seminars, poetry, art work, films, music and song.  (Detailed program coming.)

ILGCNTupilakBears International  plan to participate in the annual, rotating Baltic Pride  this time taking place in the
 Estonian capital, July 6-9. (Details coming,)

New cities are joining the 12 Nordic cities already making plans for this year's Nordic LGBT history and culture month.  The
 latest are Reykjavik, Iceland and Åbo/Turku, Finland joining colleagues in StockholmSödertäljeUmeåLundTallinn,
Rakvere (Estonia)VilniusHelsinki etc.  

(Program details coming.)
Frosti Jonsson

Matt Alber (photo by Vladimir Lysenko)

Mike Weyeld and Charlie Hunter